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Areas of expertise Integral services Consultancy


As a specialist in the sector, RDA’s highly qualified team assists clients with litigation that may derive from the normal course of their activities. The team has developed and perfected a sound knowledge of administrative, commercial and civil litigation, and boasts extensive experience in Amparo.


Guillermo F. Manning

Mexico City

+52 (55) 5202-0405

Civil Law

  • Preparing and filing civil lawsuits and their opposition.

  • Handling proceedings, copyright, leasing disputes, civil liability for negligence and illegal activities, companies and civil associations among others, as well as Amparo lawsuits before federal courts.

Commercial Law

  • Handling ordinary, executive, trade and special proceedings.

  • Defending consumer’s rights.

  • Executing commercial guarantees.

Administrative Law

  • Litigation before different local or federal administrative and tax authorities.

  • Amparo proceedings against administrative laws and acts.

Labor Law

  • Attending labor proceedings.

  • Collective negotiations with unions.

  • Proceedings before the JFCA.

Criminal Law

  • Filing criminal law suits and remedies at the local and federal level.

  • Collaborate with the authority during proceedings.


Guillermo F. Manning

Mexico City

+52 (55) 5202-0405