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Environmental Issues

Mexico has followed international trends on environmental protection practices. RDA offers its clients comprehensive support on fundamental environmental permitting not just to ensure projects are properly sanctioned, RDA works with its clients to obtain the necessary licenses, authorizations and certifications. RDA supports its clients by assisting with: 


Preparation of the environmental impact statement and risk study.

Legal advisory services obtaining and renewing the environmental impact authorization from SEMARNAT or ASEA, as applicable.

Preparation of the technical justification study for change in land use of forest land, as well as legal advisory services for monitoring and obtaining the authorization for change in land use to be granted by SEMARNAT and/or ASEA, as applicable.

Preparation and legal advisory services to determine the Environmental Baseline and its approval.

Legal advisory services to obtain the Single Environmental License, as well as advisory services for submission of the Annual Operating Certificate.

Legal advisory services for applying and obtaining the environmental permits required to develop projects in the Energy Sector.

Monitoring of mitigation measures proposed by the respective authority.