Areas of expertise
Areas of expertise Integral services Consultancy


RDA’s professionals are experts in the legal and economic components of this area capable of handling notification procedures for concentrations, investigations, tender procedures, concessions and economic studies related to antitrust matters. 


Legal representation in a wide variety of procedures before the COFECE. 

Legal and economic advice regarding mergers, acquisitions, associations and any act of concentration that could be subject to notification. 

Representation of clients in investigations initiated by the COFECE at the request of any party or by law. 

Advising on how to obtain a favorable result from the COFECE for cross-holding as referred to in Article 83 of the Hydrocarbons Law. 

Legal and economic advice on obtaining authorization for cross-holding from the CRE. 

Advising on obtaining a favorable result from the COFECE in order to participate in tenders, as required by law.