Areas of expertise
Areas of expertise Integral services Consultancy


RDA has built a specialized team capable of advising clients on a range of financial projects. The firm’s involvement in the sector includes representing national and international financial institutions, the preparation of financial agreements , restructuring, opinions on financial operations and guarantees, as well as complex financing plans, among others. RDA has engaged in a variety of transactions including, but not limited to, the following: 


Creating funding strategies for projects. 

Advising on the placement and issuing of capital and debt instruments on the stock market. 

Implementing paperwork and processes with the BMV, INDEVAL and CNBV for the registration and issuing of stock and traded securities. 

Financing projects with Project Finance schemes. 

Negotiating different types of credit contracts, including syndicated loans. 

Renegotiation of debt. 

Design, preparation and negotiation of financial guarantee schemes.