Integral services

Understanding the energy business allows our team to address effectively and efficiently our clients’ needs. In a sophisticated and rapid changing industry, we have been able to tailor successful strategies and solutions for the full life cycle of a project, representing clients on local, state and national level on regulatory matters.


Covering the full scope of legal services of a sophisticated industry, RDA has been helping clients to do business in and from Mexico for the past 20 years. RDA’s solid presence is based upon the fact that it has an extensive knowledge of the key capabilities for dealing with the energy market. RDA has represented both, Mexican state-owned entities and energy related corporations, positioning RDA as a clear leader in the industry. Handling challenging energy matters has allowed us to lead first-of-a-kind strategic projects.

Our business consulting services not only achieve our clients’ expectations, but also consolidate a long-term relationship in which we guide them closely throughout the process. We provide our clients with one-on-one assistance, reassuring every time the best outcome for them. From the idea stage, we design the business strategy to its completion. We work hand in hand with our clients in this complex arena. Thus, our goal is to choose the strategy that best suits our clients’ project, aiming to maximize and enhance their business.