Jesús Rodríguez Dávalos


Mexico City

+52 (55) 5202-0405


Mexico City

+52 (55) 5202-0405

Jesús Rodríguez Dávalos is Founding Partner of the firm and a specialist in the main components of the energy sector such as: oil, natural gas, liquefied petroleum gas, petrochemicals, refined products, refining, power generation, clean energy and offshore projects related to the sector; as well as the components of strategic infrastructure projects.

With over 35 years of experience, he has advised national and international companies, as well as federal governments and local governments in the development and implementation of regulation, and investment projects.

He has represented natural gas distribution companies since 1995 in Mexico. Since 2000, he has advised independent power production companies, cogeneration plants and renewable energy projects in Mexico and Central America. He represents more than 6000 MW of installed capacity. For the last 14 years he has advised Pemex on strategic alliances for matters regarding gas, refined products and crude pipelines and storage terminals. Under his leadership more than 5500 km of rights of way for strategic projects have been released. He represents more than 1000 gas stations. He represents 16 E&P blocks. Mr. Rodriguez and RDA’s attorneys and economists advised Pemex Logistica to obtain the permits and regulated tariffs for 8 transportation systems of oil, petroliferous and petrochemicals, as well as those of 87
petrochemical and oil product storage facilities.

In 2018 Rodríguez led the renegotiation before Pemex of a heavy naphtha supply and O&M agreements related to a more than $100 million US dollars of a naphtha splitter plant in the northeast region of Mexico.

During 2021, Mr. Rodríguez and his team closed the renegotiation of an ethane supply agreement with Pemex for a project equivalent to $5 billion US dollars and for the development of an ethane storage and transportation system with an investment of more than $450 million US dollars and led the negotiation and execution of a long-term LNG storage
services agreement to provide service to the Federal Electricity  Commission.

He has actively consulted on the processes for creating legal systems that are applicable to the energy field such as: the Hydrocarbons Law; Regulation of Activities to which Title III of the Hydrocarbons Law refers; the Energy Regulatory Commission Law; Natural Gas Regulations; Liquefied Petroleum Gas Regulations, and Guidelines on natural gas and liquid petroleum gas, etc. He has also successfully advised various industry associations on regulatory issues.

He has led numerous projects considered strategic and "first of a kind" such as the first SWAP operation of natural gas
in Mexico; the legal strategy for the first private naphtha splitter plant in the country, the first private transmission pipeline for liquefied petroleum gas; the development of the legal and financial strategy for the first private pipeline in Mexico for the transmission of petrochemicals between processing centers; the first cross-border wet gas export pipeline to the United States of America; the development of the strategy for legal, contractual and regulatory projects of strategic importance to Mexico such as the "Los Ramones" natural gas transmission system in its three stages; the storage terminal for liquefied petroleum gas in Zapotlanejo; among many other projects of national and international importance.

As part of his previous experience, Jesús worked for 8 years in Petróleos Mexicanos and Pemex Gas y Petroquímica Básica where he represented Pemex abroad in the implementation of the North American Free Trade Agreement.

He is Board Member and Secretary for the Mexican Natural Gas Association and Legal Adviser to the World Energy Council. In 2016 was appointed President of the Mexican Right of Way Association (Asociación Mexicana de Derecho de Vía) and is a member of the International Right of Way Association (IRWA), participates as member of the
Publications Committee of the American Gas Association and the Association of International Petroleum Negotiators
(AIPN), among other associations.

Mr. Rodríguez is Vice President of the Board for the University Museum of Contemporary Art (MUAC) of the Universidad
Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM) and active member of the Fundación UNAM. Is Board Member of the Arizona
State University Art Museum (ASU) and Secretary and Board Member for the Pumas Tabasco Soccer Team.

He is a Board Member for the Scholas Occurrentes Pontifical Foundation in Mexico and advisor to Mr. Carlos Cardenal Aguilar Retes, Archbishop of the Archdiocese of Mexico.

He completed his Law Degree at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México (UNAM). He has published several articles and published a compilation of Laws and Regulations on the Mexican Energy Sector.